The Teafolia Story

We are all about making fine tea, not high tea, and we do it by keeping things simple. This means focusing on the quality of the tea leaves and the freshness of our ingredients. We know that making good tea isn’t about steeping tea bags in hot water for three minutes. So we constantly hone our tea-brewing techniques to brew justice to our choice ingredients.

That said, simplicity doesn’t have to be boring. Our teas are swimming with freshly sliced fruits that make every drink taste as good as it look.

Let’s be honest, serving natural goodness isn’t an easy task in a world full of fakes. So every moment of enjoyment you have at Teafolia encourages us further – because our hearts and heads are captive to serving nutritious drinks made honestly.

Natural Goodness

We eschew the unhealthy and use natural ingredients with lots of thought to make them tastier while retaining its nutrients.

Respect for Food & People

The secret to our nights of peaceful sleep is serving you great drinks and being honest and open to you about what goes into them.

Simple Chic

We are neither simple-minded nor superficial. We are all about making drinks that taste good and look great.

Ingredients & Process

Fresh Fruits

We spare no efforts in serving fresh and tasty fruits in our drinks. Whether it means threading dawn at the local markets or going many miles to get the tastiest produce from all over the world, you can be assured that your cup is always brimming with freshest seasonal fruits.


Don’t underestimate this innocent-looking jelly. It’s packed with glucomannan fibre that offers multiple health benefits such as improving bowel health, blood and lipids levels and aids weight loss by increasing satiety. In short, it’s your healthy and beauty hero that goes well with any drink.


Honestly, how good your tea tastes really depends on the region. At Teafolia, we serve quality Four Seasons oolong tea from Taiwan, Royal Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka and premium green tea from Vietnam.

The Four Seaons oolong tea is used widely across our signature fruit tea series. Grown in the mountainous regions of Taiwan, it is renown for its rich, smooth and sweet flavours and floral scent. Paired with the incredible amount of antioxidants within, the Four Seasons oolong tea is a healthy indulgence for all.